Previous Projects
Seal Surveys

  • Seal Surveys (2019-2021) were part funded by DEFRA through the Isles of Scilly AONB.  The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust carried out surveys with the aim of finding out more about the behaviours and habits of our Islands’ nationally important Atlantic grey seals; including awareness raising around issues of disturbance.  (Report coming soon)

Seals Eastern Isles.jpg

Marine Survey – AONB Funded Project.  In 2008 the Isles of Scilly AONB Partnership commissioned a Marine Survey of 100 dive sites in the seas around Scilly.  The Isles of Scilly AONB Marine Survey was completed in 2009 and now represents a baseline data-set on which future research can build.

Local Food Report – AONB Funded Project.  In 2010 the Isles of Scilly AONB Partnership funded a Local Food Report. The Local Food Report is based on findings from a Local Food Workshop, which was held on St Mary’s back in November 2010 with participation from the local community.

Scilly Food Guide

Local Produce Directory - The Isles of Scilly AONB Partnership worked with the local community to produce the first Local Produce Directory in 2007-2008. This was then updated with the new ‘Little Scilly Food Directory’, published in 2013.

AONB Landscape Monitoring Project - The AONB Landscape Monitoring Project has been developed in collaboration with the Cornwall and Tamar Valley AONB Partnerships to monitor changes to these protected landscapes over time.


The Landscape Monitoring Project presents the results for the Isles of Scilly AONB, based on a framework of Landscape Monitoring Units (LMUs) which were defined as suitably sized areas of common landscape character to enable change to be monitored over time. The identification of LMUs was based on the information contained within the Isles of Scilly Landscape Character Assessment.

The project selected a set of monitoring indicators for each LMU, based both on local distinctiveness and considering factors that may influence future landscape change. 

Seabird Recovery Project

IoS Seabird Recovery Project - The Seabird Recovery Project sought to safeguard seabird colonies on the islands of St Agnes & Gugh and to reverse their population decline. The project was run by a partnership of organisations including the RSPB, the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust and Natural England. The Isles of Scilly Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership and the Isles of Scilly Bird Group also supported the project.

Isles of Scilly Bees

Isles of Scilly Honeybee Project - The Isles of Scilly AONB Partnership in collaboration with Island bee-keepers worked on a range of initiatives to develop and promote honeybee health on the Isles of Scilly.  The AONB Partnership produced a publication. Bee Alert is designed to highlight, to both local residents and visitors, the importance of Scilly’s disease-free honeybees and the ways in which we can help keep them healthy.

Pushing the Boundaries - This AONB championed project, which gained funding from the Isles of Scilly Local Action Group (LAG), aims to unlock the economic, cultural and educational potential of Scilly’s traditional stone walls and to understand how they can be maintained, and where possible, restored.  Links through to reports?

Dark Night Skies - The AONB Partnership has worked alongside the Dark Sky Discovery Partnership to designate areas in Scilly as Dark Sky Discovery Sites (DSDS).

These are local sites, nominated for their outstanding views of the night’s sky and which are accessible for all.  The following locations across the Isles of Scilly have been designated as Dark Sky Discovery Sites through the Dark Sky Discovery Programme:

  • The Garrison Playing Field, St Mary’s;

  • The Cricket Pitch, St Agnes;

  • The Community Centre Play Park Area, Bryher;

  • The Playing Fields, Tresco;

  • The Cricket Pitch, St Martin’

These sites will join a network of other sites around the UK, highlighting areas that are good for stargazing.